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By Grace Hamburger on Dec 2, 2019
eContent Pro
Journal Database

Are you tired of searching for the perfect journal in your research area and questioning the credibility of the journals and publishing houses where you can submit your work? eContent Pro is happy to provide researchers and authors with a solution. By January 2020, eContent Pro will be launching a journal database where hundreds of credible journals will be available to search based off the key details of your manuscript. Our journal database will be accessible by anyone and free of charge as this is a complimentary service of eContent Pro to the academic community. So, what exactly does our journal database entail, how will it work, and what does this mean for you and your research?

What is a Journal Database?

A journal database is a searchable online collection of journals. It is a single source for hundreds of journals, covering a wide range of research areas and specialties to best suit your research. Journals that are featured in eContent Pro’s database are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are reputable, up to date, and accepting submissions. The standard information of each journal will be provided to you at no cost and will be available to access at any time. This information will allow researchers and authors to narrow their search of potential journals to submit to while saving valuable time and effort.

How to Utilize our Journal Database

Just like any search engine or database, the user must know how to properly utilize eContent Pro's journal database to receive the most useful information from it. Our journal database will allow the user to type in their manuscript title, keywords, research area, and a 50-word description of their manuscript. The more in-depth and accurate these fields are, the better the search results will be when finding a journal to which to submit scholarly work. Once these areas are completed, our database will generate search results with credible journals that are suitable for the user’s manuscript. The user will be allowed to see the name and publisher of the journal, the year established and frequency of publication, as well as the journal description, free of charge!

Benefits of our Journal Database

Searching for a journal that not only is in your research area and is suitable to the content of your manuscript but that is also credible, requires your valuable time and effort. As you know, the submission process to publish work is tedious, and submitting to a predatory journal or a journal that is outside of your manuscript’s scope only delays this process even further. Streamline your search process by utilizing our journal database to receive information on numerous journals in your research area which are suitable to your manuscript. This complimentary service will jumpstart your submission process by narrowing the list of potential journals to submit your manuscript to while ensuring submission to a credible journal. eContent Pro is excited to provide this service to the Academic community.

The Next Step

After you gather the standard information from our database, how do you choose which journal to further investigate for possible submission? Hand in hand with our database is our journal recommendation service, where our expert journal selectors read your manuscript and provide you with further in-depth information on the journals that are most suitable to your research. The further information provided for each journal with our journal recommendation service includes: journal webpage, submission guidelines, submission site, Editor-in-Chief information, indexing information, and open access policy, among other essential information!

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