Outsource your open access publishing needs to eContent Pro.

From copy editing to publishing in print or electronic format, we support commercial publishers, university presses, associations, and societies seeking to outsource their open access publishing needs. Our comprehensive suite of services spans the entire publishing process, ensuring quality and efficiency at every stage. As part of our commitment to providing a seamless workflow, we supply all our partners with a dedicated account within the eContent Pro Business Enterprise Management System (BEMS), which serves as a central hub for submitting, tracking, and accessing orders. By entrusting their open access publishing needs to us, publishers, university presses, and professional organizations can focus on their core missions while benefiting from our specialized knowledge and dedicated support.


Using their dedicated account within the eContent Pro Business Enterprise Management System (BEMS), clients will upload their manuscripts and submit their order. The order will then go through the following process:

  1. Copy Editing: All manuscripts are copy edited to ensure clarity, coherence, and professional presentation. This step includes professional English language copy editing, formatting, proofreading, and more.
  2. Art Redraw and/or Relabel: If the manuscripts contain illustrations or graphics, this step involves refining or redrawing them to ensure they meet the desired quality standards. Additionally, labels or captions may need to be adjusted for accuracy and clarity.
  3. Cover Design (if requested): Designing the cover is crucial as it is the first thing readers see. This step involves creating a visually appealing cover that effectively represents the content and attracts the target audience.
  4. Indexing by Keyword or Subject (if requested): Indexing involves creating a list of keywords or subjects found in the text along with corresponding page numbers. This helps readers quickly locate specific topics or information within the content.
  5. Template Creation (if requested): Before typesetting begins, a template is often created to establish the layout design, including margins, headers, footers, and other stylistic elements. This template provides a consistent framework for the typesetting process.
  6. Typesetting: Typesetting involves formatting the text, adjusting font styles, sizes, and spacing to enhance readability and visual appeal. This step ensures that the layout is consistent and professional. This service also includes:
    • Proofreading: Proofreading involves carefully reviewing the typeset manuscripts to identify and correct any errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typographical mistakes. The focus is on ensuring that the text is free from language errors and follows the intended style guide or formatting requirements.
    • Quality Control: Quality control involves a thorough examination of the typeset manuscripts to check for layout inconsistencies, formatting issues, and any other visual discrepancies. This step ensures that the manuscripts adhere to the specified design guidelines and maintains a professional appearance.
    • 2-3 Rounds of Corrections: After the initial proofreading and quality control checks, the manuscript may undergo multiple rounds of corrections based on feedback from the client. Each round of corrections addresses any remaining errors or adjustments needed to meet the desired standards.
  7. Converting the File into a Digital Format: Converting the content into a digital, print-ready format, such as ePub, XML, Mobi, or PDF, involves optimizing the layout and structure for digital reading devices while ensuring compatibility with various platforms and devices.
  8. Preparing Metadata: Metadata includes information such as title, author name, description, keywords, and category, which are essential for marketing and categorizing the content accurately. This step involves compiling and formatting metadata according to industry standards.
  9. Printing-on-Demand (if requested): For clients who request to have their content printed, we offer print-on-demand services to produce physical books as needed, ensuring cost-effectiveness and minimizing inventory storage.
  10. Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of deadlines, and we will deliver final materials within the agreed timeframe.
Typesetting & Indexing
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Open Access Publishing
Outsource your open access publishing needs to eContent Pro.
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