Typesetting & Publishing

eContent Pro International’s skilled production team will support you with your publishing needs by providing you with a full range of publishing services such as: cover design, typesetting, and the printing and e-conversion of your manuscript on the paper or full book level. Also, your manuscript will be provided to you in a print-ready PDF, as well as in HTML and XML formats.

Having an XML version of your work will provide a structured and machine-readable format, friendly for vendors looking to sell your publication as format conversion work can be very costly and time-consuming for them. This will maximize the discoverability of your work and allow it to hit the market more expeditiously.

Turnaround Time and Cost

Submit the Request a Quote form and an eContent Pro International® representative will provide a custom quote based on your project specifications.

eContent Pro International’s skilled production team offers:

  • Typography selection
  • Careful text setting and layout
  • Front matter styling
  • Page balancing
  • Casing, spacing, and dash checks
  • Structured sections
  • Running headers
  • Book pagination
  • Cover design
  • Illustration fixing and extension
  • Metadata and category assignments
  • Open access repositories
  • Printers (Lightening Source & Bookmasters)

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