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Benefits of Copy Editing & Proofreading
Rely on our professional native English copy editors to ensure that your manuscript is polished. This includes:
  • Improve your manuscript’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, terminology, and much more.
  • Editors have knowledge of more than 2,500 scholarly journals
  • High quality and expeditious
  • Turnaround time on each service as low as one-day returns
  • APA 7th edition, MLA, APA, Chicago style, and more
  • Cohesive writing style for multi-authored manuscripts
  • Increase the chance of acceptance
  • Competitively priced
  • Adhering to hundreds of publishers’ guidelines
  • All Editors native English-speakers
  • All edits are presented via Microsoft
    Track Changes
  • Certificate of completion presented with a satisfaction guarantee
Our Copy Editors Have Experience and Familiarity with the House Styles of Scholarly Publishers Across the Globe
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Package 1
Copy Editing & Proofreading + Journal Recommendation

This Package is Provided to You at an Additional 10% Discount
Package 2
Copy Editing & Proofreading + Scientific and Scholarly Editing
This Package is Provided to You at an Additional 10% Discount
Package 3
Scientific and Scholarly Editing + Journal Recommendation
This Package is Provided to You at an Additional 10% Discount
Package 4
Copy Editing & Proofreading + Scientific and Scholarly Editing + Journal Recommendation
This Package is Provided to You at an Additional 10% Discount
Standard Copy Editing & Proofreading Services Include:
Our copy editors will address a complete range of potential issues with your document:
  • Correct faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Fix incorrect word usage.
  • Ensure consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization.
  • Check for callouts and captions for figures, tables, and other display elements.
  • Enforce a consistent style and tone in a multi-author manuscript.
  • Eliminate wordiness and inappropriate jargon.
  • Smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs.
  • Move sentences to improve readability.
  • Implement additions and deletions to ensure readability and flow.
  • Assign new levels to headings to achieve logical structure.
  • Change passive voice to active voice, if requested.
  • Perform edits using the Microsoft Word™ track change feature, allowing for a fast and simple review and management of edits.
  • Cost: The cost of standard full service English language copy editing is US$ .06 per word.
  • Completion Time: On average, your copy edited paper will be returned to you in as little as 3-5 business days under our standard Copy Editing & Proofreading service. If your document exceeds 30,000 words, an eContent Pro International representative will contact you regarding an adjusted completion time frame. Expedited options are available with 1-2 day turnaround times.
Important Documents that Benefit from Professional Copy Editing & Proofreading
We edit virtually every type of document, including:
  • Research Papers
  • Journal Articles
  • Reference Books
  • Fiction/Non-Fiction Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Essays
  • Proposals
  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Case Studies
  • Interviews
  • Prefaces
  • Forewords
  • Acknowledgments
  • Dedications
  • Abstracts
  • Cover Letters
Our Continued Commitment

At eContent Pro International®, we are committed to offering the highest quality services and customer attention to authors as they strive to get their work published. As part of this ongoing commitment, if a manuscript that has undergone the professional copy editing and/or proofreading services of eContent Pro International® has been revised after submitting it to a publisher and is in need of an additional round of copy editing and/or proofreading services, eContent Pro International® will provide the next round of copy editing or proofreading at a 50% discount.

10% Academic Discount
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Certificate of Completion
Complimentary certificate of completion provided for every order
Satisfaction Guarantee
We are committed to customer satisfaction for every service we provide
50% Off Revisions
Discounted rate for revised manuscripts requiring additional rounds of editing

What Our Customers Are Saying

Testimonial Image
"The feedback on the technical content was beyond my expectations as it included additional reference suggestions and questions provoking further thought. The chapter has improved as a result."
-Dr. Sheron Burns, University of the West Indies, Jamaica

"The copy editing was very thorough and was completed in a very timely manner."
-Dr. Melodie Carr-Winston, Lindenwood University, USA

"Very professional approach. Very clear and concise feedback."
-Prof. Raj Amonkar, Goa Institute of Management, India

"I have been impressed working with eContent Pro International. Copy Editing was done professionally and quickly. I will recommend the service to my colleagues."
-Associate Prof. Gainiya Tazhina – University of International Business – Almaty, Kazakhstan

"The timing was amazingly fast. The detail of commentary was more than expected."
-Prof. Alan Belcher, Ashford University, USA