How Individuals can Publish OA Books with eContent Pro

By Grace Hamburger on Mar 4, 2020
eContent Pro
How Individuals can Publish OA Books with eContent Pro

eContent Pro is preparing to launch our publishing services within a few weeks. This new program has been a long time in the making, and we are very excited to premiere these services to further benefit the academic community in its publishing journey. Our full publishing services for Open Access (OA) academic and research individuals have been organized into five phases, each working together to create an efficient and seamless experience. Let’s break each phase down and walk through our publishing process step by step.

Proposal Phase

Like any other submission process, to publish with eContent Pro, you first submit a book proposal. While completing the book proposal, you will provide an estimated word count, brief description of the book, type of monograph, and much more pertinent information to help us understand your needs. Next, our experts will review your proposal and decide whether to proceed publishing your book based on the information provided in the proposal. Once your proposal is approved, eContent Pro will send you a publication agreement outlining your process and total price. Finally, when the contract is returned, your publication process can officially begin.

Peer Review Phase

After the publication agreement is signed, you will step into phase two. Depending on whether your monograph is authored or edited, this phase changes a little bit. If it is authored, then your first manuscript draft will immediately be sent to eContent Pro. This draft will then be sent to our professional scientific & scholarly editors, who will thoroughly examine your manuscript and provide a formal evaluation to you. For edited monographs, the editor who is representing the manuscript will work closely with our eED submission system and create a call for chapters. After the chapters are collected, they will be formally peer reviewed by our scientific & scholarly editors. Once the evaluations are complete, authors will be given time to revise their publications based on these suggestions. Phase two can take multiple rounds of revision, depending on how much work each chapter or an entire manuscript needs.

Development Phase

After your manuscript has been thoroughly assessed and revised, you will resubmit your monograph for publication. From there our professional English language copy editors will thoroughly proofread and edit your book, correcting issues such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and flow. You are then given an opportunity to proof the manuscript one last time before it is finalized, and after you give your seal of approval, your completed monograph is now ready for typesetting. The typography, text layout, cover design, and much more will be provided by us using one of our designed templates. Once the development phase is completed, your book is ready for production!

Production Phase

Once your book is in our production phase, eContent Pro will ask you to sign a Creative Commons licensing arrangement, which among other legalities will allow you to retain your copyright. Your publication will then be immediately provided to you in PDF, ePub, and HTML formats for immediate use under Open Access. Your book will also be sent to the printers where you’ll be given two free physical copies with the opportunity to print more copies at a discounted rate. In phase four you are also given the option to have eContent Pro host your publication in our online bookstore (coming soon) at no additional cost.

Marketing & Distribution Phase (Optional)

Finding the time and tactics for a successful marketing and distribution campaign can be difficult for a busy academic. Luckily, our fifth and final phase allows you to reduce that pressure. This optional phase utilizes our global marketing and distribution services to give your document all too important exposure and circulation. eContent Pro will launch a promotional campaign for your publication, as well as submitting on your behalf to relevant Academic indices. Save yourself valuable time and energy and let us give your book the comprehensive campaign that it deserves!

Our publication service model encapsulates every key aspect of the publication process into five phases, aiming to make the process easy and transparent. Are you looking to improve your document for the purposes of publication? Check out our scientific & scholarly editing service, where your manuscript will be reviewed by experts in the field who will provide you with suggestions and feedback on how to improve. Get the most out of your manuscript today!

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