Journal Profile: International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education (IJBIDE)

By Grace Hamburger on Jan 27, 2020
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International Journal of Bias Identity and Diversities in Education
ISSN: 2379-7363
EISSN: 2379-7355
Established: 2016
Frequency: Semi-Annually

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Publisher: IGI Global

Subject Area: Education

Overview: The International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education (IJBIDE) investigates critically the positioning of diverse individuals in formal and informal contexts of education – from kindergarten to adult education, but also lifelong learning. Diversities here refer to different identity markers such as ethnicity, religion, gender, social class, disabilities and language. IJBIDE is clearly positioned within a non-essentialist, non-culturalist perspective. IJBIDE also aims to promote original research methods by linking up macro- and micro-approaches. The journal is fully blind peer reviewed by the best experts in the field and publishes empirical and conceptual research and case studies from around the world.


  • Academic and student mobility and diversities
  • Assessment, evaluation and diversities
  • Bullying, bias, segregation and discrimination in education
  • Diversities and digital educational technologies
  • Diversities and informal learning
  • Diversities and multilingual education
  • Diversities within a school system
  • Forms of discrimination and segregation in education
  • History of diversities in education
  • Inclusive education and diversities
  • Interactions between and integration of students of diverse backgrounds
  • Links between ‘home’ and school in relation to diversities (parents)
  • Media representations of diversities in education
  • Methods or methodologies/conceptual approaches and researching diversities
  • Multimodality and diversities
  • Perception and integration of the ‘foreigner’ in education
  • Place/space and diversities
  • Reflexivity and/or critical awareness around diversities in education
  • Role and place of diversities in education policies
  • Role and place of teachers of diverse backgrounds
  • School choices and diversities
  • Social action and diversities
  • Social processes and diversification/differentiation
  • Teaching about diversities (intercultural/global competence)
  • Teaching material and diversities
  • The commodification or processes of commodifying of diversities in education
  • The impact of globalization on diversities
  • The perception, place and role of diversities in (teacher) education (students, teachers, student-teachers, leadership, etc.)

Editors-In-Chief: Fred Dervin (University of Helsinki, Finland), Heidi Johanna Layne (Nanyang Technological University/ National Institute of Education, Singapore) and Ashley Simpson (Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, School of Foreign Studies, Shanghai, China)

Mission and Scope: The International Journal of Bias, Identity and Diversities in Education (IJBIDE) is an authoritative source and information outlet for researchers, practitioners and policy makers to examine and discuss the positioning of diversities in formal and informal education. This journal promotes a global vision and dialogue around the perception, treatment and empowerment of diverse individuals in education – from students to teachers. IJBIDE is interdisciplinary and welcomes input from fields such as anthropology, sociology, cultural studies and applied linguistics.

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