Journal Profile: International Journal of Computational Methods in Heritage Science

By Jared Peterman on Oct 28, 2019
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The International Journal of Computational Methods in Heritage Science (IJCMHS)
ISSN: 2473-5345
EISSN: 2473-5337
Established: 2017
Frequency: Semi-Annually

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Publisher: IGI Global

Subject Area: Social Sciences & Humanities

Overview: “Heritage science is a broad, cross-disciplinary field of studying emphasizing research on a variety of topics within the realm of heritage management and sustainability, investigation, engagement, and interpretation. With the proliferation of technology, the opportunities available for studying the culture and heritage of the world in which we live also advance.

The International Journal of Computational Methods in Heritage Science (IJCMHS) explores the way in which technology is shaping the research and practice of museums, galleries, archives, independent archaeologists and anthropologists and other professionals engaged in heritage science. Highlighting critical research related to the areas of cultural heritage, the digitization of cultural assets, virtual museums, and the digital analysis of cultural artifacts, this journal is an essential resource for professionals, researchers, and students involved with heritage science research. (IGI Global)”

  • Big-data, open-data approaches in cultural heritage and intellectual property rights
  • Innovative virtual exhibitions and museums
  • Innovative web, mobile, social networking and tourism applications
  • Language and lexical cultural heritage resources
  • Narrative approaches and storytelling
  • Gamification, game-based learning and serious games for education using culture

Editors-in-Chief: George P. Pavlidis (Athena Research Centre, Greece)

Mission and Scope: "The International Journal of Computational Methods in Heritage Science (IJCMHS) aims to present innovative research on digital solutions and advancements in the cross-disciplinary field of cultural heritage research and documentation. Through a presentation of applied and theoretical research and case studies from around the world, IJCMHS intends to be a pivotal resource for anthropologists, archaeologists, museum curators, librarians, archivists, historians as well as academics and students studying topics relevant to cultural heritage and conservation. (IGI Global)"

Abstracted/Indexed In: Cabell’s Directories, Google Scholar, and Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory.

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