How Scientific and Scholarly Editing Can Support Your Next Research Project

By Jared Peterman on Jan 28, 2019
eContent Pro

For years eContent Pro® has been known for the highest quality and cost-efficient English language copy editing and translation services, and we are pleased to announce that new for 2019 we have added even more services to accommodate authors. In addition to the English language copy editing and translation services, we now offer scientific and scholarly editing, journal selection, typesetting and publishing, as well as figure, table, chart, and equation conversions. As peer review in scholarly publishing is critical to ensuring quality, integrity, and accuracy, we will dive further into the Scientific and Scholarly Editing service and all it can offer to authors aspiring to have their work published in a scholarly journal, reference book, or conference proceedings.

Scientific & Scholarly Editing Service

In order to ensure that work is authoritative, general copy editing simply isn’t enough, and a review on the content level to deem whether the research is clearly constructed and relevant to the field is a must. Through our scientific and scholarly editing service, authors will benefit from receiving a robust peer review of their work performed by one of our esteemed scientific and scholarly editors. Our editors will utilize thorough evaluation criteria and perform substantive content editing in order to provide authors with detailed feedback and recommendations. The process is double blind, meaning that the author’s name and the editor’s name remain anonymous to one another.

Our scientific and scholarly editors have a strong command of the English language and all have doctorate degrees and are active in their respective fields in research and/or teaching. Many of them have experience in scholarly publishing and leadership, serving on various review boards for prestigious international journals. They are paired with manuscripts that align with their expertise in areas including:

  • Business & Management
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science & Agricultural Science
  • Government & Law
  • Library & Information Science
  • Media & Communications
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Security & Forensics
  • Social Sciences & Humanities

The constructive feedback authors receive from these editors includes an analysis of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses as well as suggestions to make the work more relevant, readable, and complete. The manuscript will be under heavy examination through the following evaluation criteria:

  • Does the manuscript clearly explain its mission and coverage?
  • How useful is the material to the field?
  • Does the literature review contain relevant information in support of the manuscript?
  • Does the manuscript contain a detailed explanation of research methods and procedures?
  • Does the manuscript clearly state the issues being addressed?
  • Is the manuscript clearly organized in a logical fashion?
  • Are the author’s conclusions supported by the research?

After receiving this valuable feedback from a fellow expert, authors will be able to improve the quality of their manuscript and its contribution to the field, ideally increasing the potential for it to be accepted and published by a credible publisher. Also, although not guaranteed, some publishers and/or independent publications may be willing to accept this evaluation as a transferrable review.

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