Why Your Work Needs to Be Copy Edited

By eContent Pro on Jun 25, 2020
Why your work needs to be copy edited

Once an author is sitting with their finished manuscript, it can seem like the next step is submission to a publication. All too often, authors rush and submit without considering copy editing. An associated editor of a prestigious journal voices their frustration regarding unpolished journal article submissions, saying, “I often see a lot of errors in English grammar and sentences should be formed such a manner so that the meaning is understandable.” Many editors throughout the industry share these frustrations, and that’s why copy editing is so important. Learn how copy editing can help your final manuscript through the submission process.

Overview of Copy Editing

A manuscript littered with errors and mistakes will lead to a rejection. Copy editing focuses on preparing a document for publication by checking for inconsistencies and mistakes the author(s) may have missed. Having your document copy edited will address a range of issues that would usually lead to a delayed submission process or even rejection if not resolved prior to submission. It can seem daunting to hand over your hard work to someone else for examination, but all edits and suggestions a copy editor makes can be accepted or rejected by the author.

Improving Your Manuscript

During the copy-editing process, a manuscript is thoroughly examined and edited. An author is very close to their work; therefore, objectivity might come into question. Getting a professional pair of eyes on your work is key in making sure that your voice and ideas are presented correctly and in an organized manner. For academics (especially who aren’t native English speakers), copy editing is necessary to make sure that your hard work is as clear as possible. Copy editors will improve the spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, flow, and much more within your manuscript.

Having a professional check your work is especially important in academic work to validate citations and avoid plagiarism, which is a serious offense even when accidental. After the edits are reviewed and accepted, the final product is clean, polished, and ready for submission. Copy editing is essential in ensuring your document reaches its full potential.

Preparing for Submission

Editors receive hundreds of documents to review, and if a document is not thoroughly edited before submission, it can be thrown aside in an instant. Properly formatted manuscripts adhering to the journal or book guidelines can also impact the outlook of your submission. A manuscript that has been copy edited and critically examined by a professional ensures that you are prepared for the submission process and that you have taken your document to the level that it needs to be for publication. Once your document enters the peer review process, it is essential to have a well-rounded piece that meets the industry standards. Experts that analyze your work will make sure that it is prepared for the challenge, and a piece that is copy edited thoroughly comes off as professional and organized. Copy edit your work to ensure the smoothest submission process possible!

Copy editing is beneficial to all authors, but especially to academic researchers. Having your work thoroughly edited and formatted can speed up your submission process and increase your chances of acceptance. At eContent Pro International, our team of professional copy editors are here to help. Thousands of authors have chosen our copy editing services to help them become published, including Professor Harpreet Dhir, saying, “I have been a repeat client for the pricing, professionalism, and timely service.”

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