The Difference Between Copy Editing and Scientific & Scholarly Editing

By eContent Pro on Jul 10, 2020

Regardless of if you have recently submitted a manuscript for review or if you’re a seasoned researcher who has work published, chances are you’re already familiar with the in-depth, quality control peer review processes publishers follow before producing and distributing your final work. However, you may not be familiar with the expectation set by your chosen publisher that your research is expected to be polished and virtually error free before submission. Many authors develop false assumptions that the peer review process encompasses copy editing and that once their research paper is accepted, it is immediately ready to be included with the final publication. This assumption is far from accurate as many submissions are accepted with conditions, and in many cases, these conditions require professional copy editing; or the merit of research has been accepted, but the content must be polished for further clarity.

Avoid the additional time investment and holdups associated with having conditions applied to your acceptance by having your research professionally copy edited and receiving a scientific review prior to submission. Statistically, you are twice as likely to receive acceptance without conditions if your paper is void of spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and flow mistakes that complicate the accuracy of your research. eContent Pro, a U.S.-based company, offers both professional Copy Editing & Proofreading and Scientific & Scholarly Editing services to help authors bypass these unfortunate delays in acceptance and ultimately final publication.

Copy Editing & Proofreading

The most essential service for all documents, from books to term papers, is copy editing and proofreading. With a fine-toothed comb, professional, native English-speaking copy editors address a wide range of issues within a document, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and flow. Copy editors are trained to analyze a document thoroughly, so you can be assured that all discrepancies are spotted and taken care of. These issues are corrected and recorded as track changes, so you can look at what exactly the copy editor did to your manuscript and have the option to accept or reject the edits.

A thorough copy edit can benefit your work in so many ways. A document that has been copy edited presents a much more attractive submission. As you know, a document undergoes strenuous peer review before it is accepted to a journal, and copy editing your work is key in ensuring that you are presenting a mistake-free manuscript. Copy editing is also essential to ensure that citations are as accurate as possible. This is especially important to academic writing, as even accidental plagiarism can be a cause of rejection. Make sure that your document is ready for whatever your next step is, and take advantage of a thorough and accurate copy edit!

Scientific & Scholarly Editing

While copy editing polishes your document for publication, scientific & scholarly editing analyzes your work critically. Expert academic editors holding Doctorate degrees in your research area will provide a pre-publication content review of your document and complete an evaluation form. In their evaluation, they will identify major strengths and weaknesses in your manuscript, its significance and interest to the research community, and make recommendations for improvement among other areas. The identity of both the author and editor will be anonymous during this review to receive an unbiased review to improve your submission.

It is important to note that these editors are not looking at grammar and punctuation, as they are reviewing to see if the content in your document is fit for publication. This review can be crucial in making sure your document is well-rounded, thorough, and relevant prior to having the publisher’s reviewers examine your document. It is almost impossible to be totally unbiased over your own writing and having that second pair of expert eyes to critically look at your content is very important. Experts in your research field are imparting their wisdom onto you, which is an invaluable tool not just for publication, but for learning more about how your work will be perceived in your academic community.

Through our analysis, we have seen a much higher acceptance rate and quicker submission processes with manuscripts that have received our Copy Editing & Proofreading and Scientific & Scholarly Editing services. eContent Pro is happy to package these services together at an additional 10% discount to provide you with the most comprehensive care possible and help you through the publication process! To upload your document and receive an instant quote, click here.

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